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About Mercury Tower

Mercury Tower has won multiple IPA awards, the equivalent of an Oscar in the world of real estate and architecture.

  • Best real estate in the world*
  • Best international office project in Europe*
  • Best multifunctional complex in Europe*
  • Best holiday project in Europe*

*According to the International Property Awards

Mercury Tower is the most remarkable skyscraper in the Moscow City complex. It can rightfully be hailed as the gold of the City, not only thanks to its golden colour but also because of its interior components. It offers unique advantages with regard to business, comfortable living and memorable pastimes.

The Gold
of Moscow City

75 floors
Above ground
5 floors
Under ground
A+ class
With panoramic views of Moscow
Event venue
Europe’s best according to the IPA
Restaurants and banks

The Mercury is fast becoming a focal point for Moscow’s cultural life.

The Tower now houses an Art Space, which can be described as an area of free artistic expression. iPhuck Tragedy, a Dmitry Brusnikin Studio’s theatrical adaptation of a novel by Victor Pelevin, will premiere in the Golden Tower.

The Golden Tower hosts events such as: conferences, formal receptions, gala dinners, weddings, parties, fashion shows, photo and video shoots, performances, science seminars, TV shows and much more.

In addition, Mercury Tower promotes socially important projects. One such project is the development of ’Smart Building for Smart People,’ a project for students (from undergraduate to postgraduate) at Moscow State University, MGIMO and the country’s other leading universities.

Mercury Tower is a bright star in the cultural life of Moscow City.