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Mercury Space

Mercury Space is a multifunctional event venue located in the heart of the golden tower.

1 000 m2
177 m
Above ground
Panoramic view of the capital
  • Mercury Space has been named the Best Premium Event Venue in Russia and the Best Event Venue in Europe for the second year in a row. It received these coveted titles in 2017 and 2018 from the European Property Awards, the most prestigious awards in the real estate sector
  • The panoramic glazing offers unique views of the House of the Government, the Moskva River, Hotel Ukraina, the Foreign Ministry building, and other sights around the capital
  • Mercury Space offers premium quality in all aspects and places special emphasis on technical facilities and equipment
  • The venue offers a wide range of opportunities for organising special events: conferences, formal receptions, gala dinners, weddings, parties, fashion shows, photo and video shoots
40 floor
Mercury Space
Watch the video
Watch the video
The venue has all of the facilities needed for organising special events